Hooked on You

They were each other’s biggest mistakes. Hers, for letting him in, and his, for letting her go.

Seven years after what was supposed to be the best night of Victoria's life, she is finally ready to return home and face the memories that she spent so long running away from. She is certain she has moved on, but the minute she sees Gabe Matthews, all of the feelings she repressed come right back up to the surface. Gabe says he’s changed, but can she ever truly trust the man who shattered her heart all those years ago?

Gabe Matthews was not a good man, but he had spent the last three years doing everything he could to redeem himself. When the only girl he ever truly cared for walks back into his life, he is faced with the ultimate test: do the right thing and let her go, like he tried to do so many years ago, or be selfish and make her his. He wants to be the good guy, but sometimes, chemistry just can’t be controlled, and Gabe will be damned if he lets Victoria walk out of his life a second time.

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Born to Fight

America has fallen. The world went dark. Technology, computers, cell phones, they're a distant memory at best. The UNR controls everything within their districts in the East and the West. The people are slaves. But there is hope…

Resistance leader Hunter Kane was trained from birth to be the ultimate soldier. He has one purpose and one purpose alone: take down the UNR. After a near-fatal attack and a narrow escape from death’s door, Hunter finds his world turned upside down. He spent his entire life as a killer. A soldier. A savior? An emotionless robot with one job. But he can’t fight the feeling he gets when he stares into the eyes of the woman who saved his life. He was born to be a fighter, but suddenly, he’s not so sure that’s enough for him. What will Hunter choose when he must decide between his purpose and his heart?

Rain had not seen another human being in two years since she’d stowed herself away in an ancient bunker, content to live out her days in hiding. When when she stumbles upon a man caked in blood and barely breathing, she knows instantly that her entire world is about to change. Rain spent her whole life dreaming of the Resistance only to be thrown into it by the man who started it all, but how will he react when he finds out who she truly is? Rain desperately believes in their cause, and believes in the sparks flying between her and Hunter even more.

Can they really find happiness in this world that's fallen apart, or will Rain's secrets destroy them both and end the Resistance once and for all?

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Alternate Endings

They both want to run, but they want each other more.

Charlotte was not living the life she’d dreamed of. Dead end job, tiny apartment, no family left, and forever trapped in the small town where she lost it all… that was her life, until the man she’d spent ten years working to forget walks in as if he’d never left. Owen ignites her like no one else, but can she really trust him again? Charlotte had been burned by him before, and she knows in her heart that she will not survive saying goodbye a second time…

When she looks at him, does she see the man she loved, or the man she left?

Owen worked hard to build a life for himself in the Navy, but ten years later, fate calls him back to the little town where he lost everything. When he sees the woman he’d spent a decade running from, he finds himself at war in his own mind. Sparks begin flying, and he finds the wall he built around his heart slowly crumbling down. He wants to forget the past, but he doesn’t know how to see beyond her betrayal… or trust that she won’t do it again.

Can true love really get a second chance, or was their romance always doomed to end in tragedy?

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Public Relations

Jared Walker is a PR nightmare. His bad boy persona helped put his company on the map, but now the billionaire’s carefree attitude is sinking his charity. His foundation is the only thing he takes seriously, and he’ll do anything necessary to keep it afloat.

Vanessa Adams is a PR dream. A high school teacher with a heart of gold, she chooses The Walker Foundation as her school’s annual service learning project. Vanessa is as by-the-book as they come, but the infamous Mr. Walker might just be her undoing.

When sparks start flying between them, can they find balance in each other, or will they bring both each other and the foundation down in flames?

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Born to Fall

All Derek ever wanted was to save the world, and when he joined the Resistance, he thought he would do just that. That is, until he met Julia. As Derek works to fulfill his duties, he finds himself gravitating toward the one thing he thinks may bring him the comfort he works to bring others… her. He is bound to his role, which is needed now more than ever before, but Derek fears he isn’t strong enough to resist her. Can he fall for her and still save the movement, or will the entire thing crumble beneath the pressure?

Julia had been through hell, and she had no plans to go back. Lies, manipulation, deceit… that was the way of this world, and she’d have no part of it. So when she finds herself drawn to the man who lifted her up and carried her out of her prison, she struggles against herself and him in a desperate attempt to stay safe. Love is danger, after all, and Julia would rather be dead than watch her past come to life a second time.

Can they find safety in each other and bring together the people around them, or will their falling for each other lead to the fall of the Resistance?

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