Can't Resist You

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America has fallen. The world went dark. Technology, computers, cell phones, they're a distant memory at best. The UNR controls everything within their districts in the East and the West. The people are slaves. But there is hope…

The Resistance is a group of rebels, fighting for what's right in a country where everything has gone wrong. After nearly a decade of careful planning, strategic attacks, and building up an arsenal, it is finally time to move forward with their plans of avenging their families, freeing their fellow citizens, and taking back their country.

Yet with all their careful planning, there is one thing they never saw coming... love.

More about the series

The steamy stories that make up the CAN'T RESIST YOU SERIES are filled with military, action, and dystopian undertones, with romance being the star. Each book in the series focuses on a different couple, guaranteed HEA/HFN, and can technically be read as a standalone, though it's much more enriching (and suggested!) to read them in order!

Reading Order

BOOK 1: Born to Fight (Hunter & Rain's story)
BOOK 2: Born to Fall (Derek & Julia's story)
BOOK 3: Born to Bleed (Hayden & Anna's story)


These books are for mature readers only. In addition to steamy love scenes and plenty of f-bombs, the stories contain content that may be uncomfortable or upsetting to some readers. Discretion is advised.